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Pushtimize is the first automated advertising platform in South-East Asia (SEA). Our mission is to create the best solution and the biggest revenue breakout for our partners.

4 Reasons to start now

Advanced Technology
We use leading-edge technology in automation, personalization, big data and machine learning to bring advertisers the best quality data, help advertisers optimize profit performance from marketing and sales.
Quality Users
100% of real users come from censored websites with Ad Fraud Detection and Prevention System.
5-star Support
We have a support team that can assist directly, respond quickly and enthusiastically to all your problems
Proactive and Flexible
Advertisers can create and monitor campaigns based on real-time reports, actively choose ad formats suitable for products and services

Implementation Process

Sign up
Choose the suitable ad formats
Prepare marketing materials
Deposit and Create Campaign
Monitor, adjust and optimize campaigns

Why choose Pushtimize?

Quality Traffic
Billions of users from more than 3000 websites in Vietnam and we are expanding in other countries.
In-depth Targeting
Pushtimize system enables specific targeting to advertise to the right users, covering a wide range of product and service areas.
Multiple Ad Formats
You can select an ad format that corresponds to your product or service, or you can combine different formats for enhanced efficiency.
Appropriate Cost
The cost is calculated according to Real-Time Bidding system (CPM, CPC). RTB helps optimize the implementation time of advertising campaigns with complete automation. You only need to set the goal parameters and the campaign will automatically run.
Ad-Fraud Prevention
Our platform uses an advanced, automatic fraud detection and prevention system, minimizing risks for advertisers.
Real-time Report
Parameters are collected and displayed quickly with high accuracy to help you adjust your ad campaign
5-star Support
Pushtimize always helps advertisers directly and enthusiastically.
Attractive Policy
Pushtimize launches many special promotions and commissions for agencies and advertisers.

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What partners say about us

“Pushtimize's technology is impressive. Pushtimize has assisted us in effectively promoting our marketing programs to target audiences at a low cost.”
“Pushtimize's Mize ID has helped us attract more loyal and engaged readers. We are very glad with the assistance value and the prompt technical response.”
“We have a lot of faith in Pushtimize. Pushtimize has brought us with significant value in terms of revenue and user traffic.”
“With modern technology, Pushtimize has helped us improve revenue and boost page views.”